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Author: Dave Cooke/Friday, July 28, 2017/Categories:

This year MNSW has been conducting fuel testing at some events, and one thing that is becoming very clear is many competitors are unaware or misinformed about which fuels can and can’t be used for racing under the General Competition Rules.


The most recent testing was undertaken at Round 3 of the NSW Jnr MX State Titles, where a fuel sample from one competitor was found to be illegal. Whilst the rider involved has been excluded from the results, no further action will be taken as we know that the rider and his parents are simply the victims of being unaware of the fuel regulations. There was no attempt to gain an advantage, and the fuel in question certainly would not have led to the rider having any advantage over his competitors. Nevertheless the fuel in question is not a homologated fuel and therefore we have no choice but to exclude the rider from the event, despite the fuel not having any impact on the result.


This is a sad result as the rider in question rode extremely well all weekend, so to be excluded because of a simple error would be extremely disappointing for him and his team. Even the fuel supplier who sold them the fuel did not know the rules, as they had perfectly legal homologated fuels available as well. The rider and his family were of the belief that their fuel was a legal, which is why they used it at the event even though we announced at Riders’ Briefing that we would be testing fuel, so obviously they were convinced they had purchased legal fuel.


We also know other riders in multiple disciplines are also running the same fuel, most likely under the belief that it is legal to use.

While this incident is very unfortunate, it does act as a timely warning for all competitors to make sure they are aware of the rules around fuel, and it provides me with an opportunity now to remind everyone what the rules are so we don’t see anyone else inadvertently falling foul of the rules.

The GCR’s require fuel to be;


i)              Under 100 RON

ii)             Contain no additives other than those added at manufacture (lubricating oils are accepted)

iii)            Be readily available in Australia, which means it has to be a pump fuel available at a minimum of 5 service stations in 5 states of Australia.

In addition to those widely available fuels, there are also 3 race fuels that are homologated by MA for racing use. Those details are on the MA website. These fuels are;


VP Roo 100

ETS 100 MA-3

Powerplus 99+

When considering widely available pump fuels, it is important to know that E85 may also get you in trouble, as its octane rating can vary and it can sometimes be over 100 RON, making it illegal.

Obviously there are some disciplines such as Speedway and the Historic disciplines where other fuels such as methanol can be used.

If you are unsure about what fuels you can use, it is always best to refer to the MoMS and check the rules specific to your discipline, and if you ever want to check on the list of homologated fuels, you will find it on the MA website.

Dave Cooke




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