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Insurance has been a major issue not only for Motorcycling Australia but for most other sporting organisations.

Following the insurance crisis that escalated during 2001/02, Motorcycling Australia formed its own insurance company (MA Insurance Limited) to ensure our sport had a viable future in what were difficult times.

MA Insurance Limited

MA Insurance Limited commenced business on 1 January 2003 and covers Personal Accident Insurance for competitors, officials and others and the first $2 Million of risk in a $50 million liability policy. Both these policies have been granted an exemption under Government legislation to provide cover as they are designed to do.

In addition to this, MA has developed a third policy which has also been granted an exemption - this policy is for Australian competitors who are competing overseas. It is underwritten by MA Insurance Limited and managed by Aon, our broker, and offers a simple process and application to effect this insurance for any rider with overseas ambitions.

Aon Corporation is the leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human capital consulting. Through its 36,000 professionals worldwide, Aon readily delivers distinctive client value via innovative and effective risk management and workforce productivity solutions.



Insurance Policies

Group & Individual Personal Accident Policy

The Group & Individual Personal Accident insurance policy covers all competitors, organisers, officials, marshals, licence holders, members, volunteers, employees, directors and committee members against injury whilist competing, engaged in and/or attending race events, practice sessions, functions and other offcially organised activities.

Download the full Group & Individual Personal Accident Policy

Australian riders riding overseas

Motorcycling Australia Insurance Limited provides insurance to riders riding in overseas events. This insurance is designed specifically to meet the insurance requirements set out by the FIM for riders at FIM sanctioned events.
We recommend that the medical and repatriation sum insured is higher than the minimum requirements of the FIM. In our experience €14,000 is not an adequate amount to protect riders who are injured in Australia. We have seen an increase in medical expenses over the years and have a number of riders whose medical expense bills have been higher than €50,000 following a serious injury. All competitors travelling overseas should ensure they are sufficiently covered for both medical treatment as well as repatriation costs.  Competitors should also ensure they have insurance coverage that includes transport in road & air ambulance’s.

Find out more about MA's FIM Rider Personal Accident Insurance including the cover it provides and the premiums in the application document below.

FIM Rider Personal Accident Insurance

FIM Rider Personal Accident Insurance: New Zealand


Claims for events overseas

If you have been injured at an FIM sanctioned event outside of Australia please download the FIM Rider Personal Accident Insurance claim form

Primary General & Products Liability Policy

The Primary General & Products Liability insurance policy covers the legal liability of Motorcycling Australia Ltd and its State/Territory bodies and various other entities to pay damages or compensation in respect of injury to any person, damage to property or advertising injury as a result of an occurrence happening in connection with the business of MA and it's State/Territory bodies.

Download the full Primary General & Products Liability Policy



More Info:

Understand the types of Insurance with the help of these Infographics:

Liability Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Associations Liability Insurance

For general insurance enquiries, please contact Brendan Wright from Aon Insurance on (03) 9211-3604 or

For insurance claims, please contact Proclaim on 02 9287 1302 or download an Insurance Claim Form here: Proclaim Insurance Claim Form