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MNSW Awards

Motorcycling NSW has three main awards.

These are given to people who have advanced the sport of Motorcycling in New South Wales.

They are:

MNSW Service Star

Introduced in 2002, the MNSW Service Star is presented to those who have contributed to motorcycle sport and warrants special recognition.

The Service Star is the highest award behind LIFE MEMBER.

Typically it would be awarded to a person who has already received recognition through the Award of Honour and Award of Merit and has continued to serve the sport for a reasonable period of time after receiving the two previous awards.

Over a substantial period of time, nominees would have shown dedication, commitment and extraordinary contribution to the sport of motorcycling either as a Competitor, Official or Administrator.

Nominations on the current nomination form must be sent to the Board of Directors of Motorcycling NSW Limited.

After being reviewed by the Directors, the successful nominations for these awards will be presented to the next State Council Meeting for Club Delegates ratification and presented at the next AGM.


Award of Merit

Introduced in 2002, the MNSW Award of Merit is awarded to a person who has given excellent or outstanding service to the sport.

Additionally, a person may be acknowledged with this award for their contribution through exceptional deeds.

The Award of Merit is positioned between the Award of Honour and the Service Star.


Award of Honour

Introduced in 2002, the MNSW Award of Honour is awarded to persons who have exhibited outstanding personal qualities and/or given valuable service or recognition to the sport through their contribution.

Members may nominate worthy recipients for this award after due consideration has been given to the duration of service and/or the benefits and effects the nominee has had on the sport.